Meet fellow Nerds, Jordan and William


Like many of us, brand new Big Brother Jordan would flip on the news after work, and by the end of the broadcast, feel overwhelmed by the problems the world is constantly facing. But, instead of dwelling, Jordan was confident he could make a difference and chose to become a mentor, explaining “… by mentoring, we can become more connected in our community, we can learn and be inspired by our diverse and wonderful neighbors, and we can cultivate a caring spirit for all those around us.”

Jordan first learned about mentoring after hanging out with his dad one day in the garage. The walls of the garage were decorated with various paintings that Jordan hadn’t, until that day, given a second thought. He found out that the art was his dad’s, painted when he was just eight years old with his Big Brother.  47 years later, Jordan’s dad still holds on to these memories and is very appreciative of the experience he had with Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Inspired by both his dad and his desire to connect with his community, Jordan started the process of becoming a Big, and just a month ago, he was matched with Little Brother William.

Even though their relationship has just begun, the two are already getting along swimmingly. They’ve spent time at William’s favorite place (the library in his neighborhood) and the match looks forward to exploring museums, reading, and spending some time outdoors. “William is a brilliant guy.  He brings so many new perspectives and excitement to ordinary things!  I’m excited to learn about his world and see mine in a new light!” exclaims Jordan, who not only looks forward to helping William grow and thrive, but also is looking forward to benefiting from their relationship.

Below you’ll see a letter that William wrote to Jordan before meeting him. If this doesn’t warm your heart during these cold winter months, nothing will!


Jordan looks forward to being fellow nerds with William for quite some time, and encourages others to join him, saying, “There are a lot of kids in our community who would LOVE to spend time with you, and you’ll have a GREAT time seeing the world through their fresh, exciting eyes!  What a great way to volunteer in the community – doing something beneficial that is flexible and amazingly fun.”

Visit for more information on how you can make a BIG difference in a child’s life!


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