Quincy’s Big Couple


When Big Couple Kristine and Matt got married, they were already well-versed in giving back to their community. Both held positions on nonprofits boards and foundations, but felt as though they wanted to give back on a more personal level. Kristine had been a Big Sister a few years before and enjoyed the experience, and Matt was considering being a Big Brother for the first time. Through BBBS they discovered, much to their surprise, that mentoring as a Big Couple was an option! Since both Kristine and Matt lead busy lives, this was a fabulous opportunity to spend time together, all while making the difference in a child’s life. Soon, they were matched with Quincy, a sweet eight-year-old boy, who lives with his sister and is taken care of by his great grandmother. Their relationship grew steadily as the three got to know each other, and as time went on, trust was built and a mutually beneficial friendship was formed.

Kristine, Matt, and Quincy have been matched for almost 6 years now, and so many things have changed! Quincy has grown leaps and bounds in his maturity levels, and has an incredible personality that allows him to make friends instantly. Though he feels self conscious when it comes to schoolwork, Kristine, Matt and Quincy’s grandmother are all there to support his growth in difficult subjects such as math and science, giving him the confidence he needs to succeed in school.

Life has also changed for Kristine and Matt, as they welcomed twin boys into the world over two years ago! Though Quincy is now a teenager and Kristine and Matt are parents, the three still find time to get together and enjoy each other’s company. Quincy loves going out to eat with his Big Couple, visiting museums, and playing football. Kristine and Matt also utilize Match Central often for the great discounts and deals that are offered – and when they miss a posting about a new activity, Quincy’s great grandmother is always quick to point it out!

Initially, when the Big Couple signed up for mentoring with BBBS, they were a little worried about the time commitment, but they learned very quickly that if they just incorporated Quincy into their life, like another member of the family, all concerns disappeared! Now Quincy enjoys hanging out with Kristine and Matt’s family for a movie night, or a brisk fall afternoon of raking leaves together. Quincy recently attended the twins’ birthday party and was surprised that everybody there knew who he was. Kristine and Matt explained to Quincy that he was a part of their life, and of course everyone should know who he is, because he holds a special place in their family!

Now that Quincy has entered into his teenage years, the subject of college pops up more often. He has dreams of going to Notre Dame, and he also talks about a future career with the Boy Scouts. When he’s not in future planning mode, he loves getting pranked and pranking his Big Brother and Sister, something that Kristine originally showed Quincy when she cut a tiny hole in his water cup on their first April Fools Day together.

“There’s a huge place for mentoring in the community and educational system,” says Kristine, and she hopes that more adults will be inspired to be mentors. The time commitment is manageable, it’s fulfilling for everyone involved, and in the end, it makes the community a better place to live for everybody.

Interested in becoming a Big Couple? Visit BigsTwinCities.org for more information, or email us at thinkbig@bigstwincities.org


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