High School Big of the Year, Eveli!


It’s not easy being in High School – especially when you’re a High School Senior. With a busy class schedule, social obligations, graduation prep, and the prospect of going to college or entering the work force, time is a precious resource.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities is delighted that Big of the Year and High School Senior, Eveli, chooses to spend her free time visiting her Little Sister Khaliyah, 14, once a week at her school. The two enjoy chatting, playing games like Mancala, and trying out new hobbies like knitting. Through casual conversation and action, Eveli demonstrates and teaches many valuable lessons to Khaliyah during the time they spend together, including the importance of showing up, tidiness, and respecting her peers. “Eveli has passed on her drive, ambition and positive attitude to Khaliyah. You can really tell that Khaliyah looks up to her and tries to emulate her as a role model” said Match Coordinator Kristin, and Eveli takes that job very seriously.

Since being matched, the positive outcomes have been plentiful. Khaliyah received a certificate for good behavior, recognition for perfect attendance at school, and she joined a leadership program.  Even though Khaliyah’s life is a bit busier now with activities, Tuesdays remain the highlight of her week. Khaliyah notes, “Since meeting with her [Eveli] I am a happier person and I look forward to every Tuesday when I can see her. She just makes me feel really happy; she is really more like a real sister to me.”

It is clear to see that the relationship Eveli formed with Khaliyah has been extremely positive for the both of them. When Eveli isn’t actively being a Big Sister, she also assists the High School Big Program by helping coordinate transportation and communication for her fellow high school Bigs.  “She is my go-to student for the program,” said Match Coordinator Kristin. “I have been nothing but impressed with her maturity, positive attitude and responsibility.”

Congratulations to Eveli, the 2014 High School Big Sister of the year, and a BIG thanks for everything she does to support the High School Big Program!

Interested in becoming a High School Big? Click this link to learn more!


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