Big of the Year – Amy Lawson!


Today kicks off our summer of appreciation and gratitude for our incredible 2014 Bigs of the Year! These spectacular people were nominated by their Little and Parent/Guardian, then by their Match Support Coordinator, leading to final selections by the Big of the Year Committee. Each one of our seven Bigs of the Year represent the best of what BBBS can hope to accomplish through mentoring – we hope you enjoy getting to know them as much as we did!

First up, is Amy Lawson – our Site-Based Big Sisters of the Year! Congratulations Amy!

As a General Mills Culinarian, Amy Lawson is used to cooking up fun and innovative new products for her company. But Amy doesn’t leave the fun in the kitchen – she also gives her time to BBBS and her Little Sister, Ameera. She was awarded the 2014 Minnesota Site-Based Big Sister of the Year award for her dedication to Big Brothers Big Sisters. Through the Beyond School Walls initiative, a program that allows General Mills employees to mentor students at local elementary schools, Amy has been matched with Ameera for three years. BBBS is thrilled to recognize Amy for her commitment to Ameera and the significant impact she has made on the 12-year-old’s life.

Amy consistently goes the extra mile to make Ameera’s experience with BBBS a positive one. She has joined Ameera at her school for lunch and helped her make valuable friends to sit with. Because of Amy’s influence, Ameera has a table full of girls to join at lunch.

Amy’s cheerful and kind personality inspires Ameera to be the best she can be. “Amy has been such a strong, positive role model for Ameera to look up to,” says Match Coordinator Kristin Meyer. “I can see in her smile and her increased self-confidence that she takes to heart all of Amy’s kind words, advice and ideas.” Ameera picks up on the qualities in Amy that she admires and emulates them, saying, “Amy is nice, understanding, easy to talk to, and really likes to try new things. This is something she has encouraged me to do!”

Amy was honored at the 2015 Volunteer Appreciation Event in June. Big Brothers Big Sisters thanks Amy for her dedication to mentoring and for the positive impact she has made on the Twin Cities community.


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