6 ways to help your Little stay sharp this summer


Summer vacation is just around the corner, and in addition to all of the fun outings and adventures you and your Little will have, you can help him or her retain some of that knowledge they’ve been working on all year! Here are six ways to help your Little stay ahead of the game.

Grow a garden The benefits of gardening are countless: kids learn about science in a fun environment, it teaches them valuable skills like responsibility and patience, and you both have delicious, healthy vegetables to eat throughout the summer!

Make a scrapbook You’ll want to remember all of the great experiences you’ll have with you Little this summer, so help him or her keep a scrapbook of everything from tickets, photos, and notes. He’ll be practicing his writing skills and you’ll both be glad you kept a memento.

Volunteer You obviously understand the importance of volunteering, now pass that knowledge on to your Little. There are tons of volunteer opportunities around the Twin Cities whether you want to work with people, animals, or nature.

Read For some kids, reading feels like a chore. It doesn’t have to be. Options involving reading are everywhere, so find on that engages your Little. Read to her, have her read to you, start your own book club and discuss the books you are reading, or sign up for the summer reading program at your local library.

Cook together Whip up some of your famous chocolate chip cookies, or try out one of these wacky recipes. Then, use that time to work with your Little on counting, measuring and

Take a nature hike Be active and enjoy the nice weather while learning about science and nature. Point out different types of leaves, bugs and animals, and then do some research on them when you get back.


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