The Minnesota winter has stretched on, and you and your Little are bound to be getting antsy. But just because you’re trapped inside doesn’t mean you can’t have great new experiences with your match! Channel that winter boredom into some of these creative activities:

Volunteer! Head to the local animal shelter, food shelf, or library and show your Little the benefits of helping others. Many organizations see a decrease in the number of volunteers they see after the holiday season and the opportunities to give back are endless. Volunteer for another great organization while you volunteer for BBBS! It’s like volunteering-inception.

Make a snow mural. Take advantage of that yard full of snow and create something spectacular. Fill up some squirt bottles with water and food coloring, then unleash your creativity outside.

Create your own slime. This activity is always fun, no matter how old your Little is. There are tons of recipes online for making goo and all of them have their own twist; edible flubber, multicolored slime, sparkly silly putty, the list goes on and on. But this easy recipe simply calls for warm water, white glue, and Borax, which you can get at any grocery store.

Set sail. You’ve probably seen a ship in a bottle and making your own is pretty simple! This awesome website has a step-by-step tutorial that will walk you through making your own vessel using materials you can get at a craft store.

Revamp your wardrobe. You can tie-dye shirts, pillowcases, socks, and anything else you can imagine with as little as a few sharpies and some rubbing alcohol. There are tons of great how-to’s online with different techniques to make amazing designs. Try them out with your Little to see what suits your style!

Bake without baking. You can make delicious treats like truffles, puppy chow and granola bars without ever turning on the oven. These recipes are quick, easy, inexpensive, and fun! What better way to pass time indoors than make something delicious to share?

Embrace the cold. Unpredictable weather and piles of snow and ice are what makes Minnesota unique, so why not embrace it? Take advantage of the chilly weather and go sledding or snow-tubing with your Little at a local park. And even on the warmer days when the snow starts to melt, there are plenty of cool ice-skating rinks around the Twin Cities for a fun and active afternoon.



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