Why you should resolve to be a Big in 2015


Happy New Year! With 2015 just hours away, you might be thinking about the New Year’s Resolutions you plan to make. This year, why not resolve to do something that will have a real impact? Become a Big in 2015!

Right now, we have nearly 300 kids on our waiting list, hoping to get a new friend and mentor. A Big Brother or Big Sister will transform their world and make a difference that will last a lifetime.

Being a Big is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to volunteer. It only takes a few hours, a couple times a month, and you’ll spend that time doing something fun with a new buddy.

And if that’s not enough to convince you, then think about the resolutions you were planning to make. Chances are, having a Little will help you make this the year you actually reach them! Whatever you want to accomplish in 2015 – being more active, learning something new, adopting a hobby or getting more involved in your community – there’s a waiting child who wants to do them with you.

So what are you waiting for? Change a child’s life in 2015, and you just might change your own. Click here to take the first step >

PS. Our biggest need is for Big Brothers. Young men in our community need role models and mentors, today more than ever. Nearly 2/3 of the children on our waiting list are boys, but the vast majority of our volunteer inquiries come from women. This imbalance means that boys may spend a year or more waiting to be matched – time that could be better spent learning, talking and having fun with a Big Brother. Please encourage the men you know to become Bigs!


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