Meet a Match: Dodd and Jontae


If there’s one thing Jontae has learned in his seven years as a Little Brother, it’s this: “If you have a good Big Brother or Big Sister, they’ll be like a best friend to you.”

At fifteen, Jontae is a quiet young man who values the one-on-one time he spends with his Big Brother, Dodd. It’s a chance to be himself, to learn new things, and enjoy quality time with an adult who’s always looking out for him.

Dodd is a carpenter by trade, and he and Jontae both enjoy hanging out in Dodd’s woodshop. “Just spending time doing new things with somebody that’s paying attention to you, is something I wish I’d had more of as a kid, and I’m trying to do that with Jontae,” Dodd explains.

To see more of Jontae and Dodd’s story, watch this video:


If you’d like to make a difference to a child like Jontae as a Big Brother or Big Sister, click here.


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