Meet a Match: Susan and Jizel


For Susan, a volunteer Big Sister for the last four years, the most surprising part of mentoring is how easy it’s been. “When I say I’m a Big Sister, people always tell me, ‘that’s so nice of you to do,’ But really, what surprised me the most the experience was that it never felt difficult,” Susan says. “I think it’s good for both of us.”

Susan and her Little Sister, Jizel, have been matched for nearly four years, and in that time they have tried lots of new things together, from an ice fishing trip with BBBS to baking cookies visiting the veterinary school at the U of M. By this point in their relationship, the match is just like any pair of old friends. They steal bites of each other’s breakfast, interject in one another’s stories, and laugh about the memories they share.

“For me, I was most surprised by how attached I got to Susan,” Jizel explains. “When I started this program I was expecting something a lot less close. But now I can talk to her about anything.”


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