Josh and Jimmy race for BBBS


For twelve-year-old Jimmy, an active kid with lots of extra energy, one of the best things about having a Big Brother is having someone to race. He and his Big, Josh, spend many Sunday afternoons racing each other around Lake Harriet. They are pretty evenly matched. “Sometimes Josh wins, sometimes I win,” says Jimmy. “I like winning, but if Josh beats me, I don’t mind. It’s just fun either way.”

Josh jokes that most of the time, he’s just trying to keep up with his Little. They are coming up on their one-year anniversary as a match with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities (BBBS), and they both say it’s been a good year. They share a lot of jokes, like when Josh sings “all goofy” in the car, or when Jimmy pretends to be a zombie. They even have a secret handshake. “Jimmy’s a really energetic kid, which I appreciate,” says Josh. “In the adult world, like at work, I don’t get to experience that kind of ‘kid energy’ as much.”

So to take advantage of that abundance of energy, Josh and Jimmy have a lot of friendly competitions. They play soccer and basketball one-on-one, or go to the YMCA to use the equipment. And of course, they run together. In a few weeks, Josh and Jimmy will run in the Big Little 5K, a fundraiser for BBBS. They spent this summer training together. “We’re going for the gold!” says Josh.

But while they are looking forward to another race (and the chance to win some prizes), Josh and Jimmy both say a big reason they want to run the Big Little 5K is to support the agency that brought them together, and help more Bigs and Littles get matched. As Jimmy explains, “Josh takes care of me. He’s just a nice guy and he’s fun. So I love having a Big Brother!”

Support Josh and Jimmy’s race – click here to donate to their 5K fundraising page!

Or, run or walk the Big Little 5K with Josh, Jimmy, and other BBBS supporters. Click here to register and join them on September 27.


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