Get ready for the Big Little 5K with these training resources


The Big Little 5K is just over eight weeks away (on Saturday, September 27)! And that means this is the perfect time to start training. Whether you’re a seasoned runner, preparing for your first 5K, or looking forward to a 1.5 mile stroll in the Family Fun Walk, these tips for stretching, eating right and getting in shape for the big day will help create an awesome 5K experience.

Please note: no information on this page is a substitute for any advice given to you by your physician. Consult your doctor before beginning any nutrition or exercise program.


Many kids of all ages enjoy running, and a 5K can be the perfect distance – long enough to be a challenge, but not too long to complete with a little training. LiveStrong has an eight-step guide to training a child to run a 5K, with great tips for staying healthy and being encouraging.

Any adult/child pairs who register for the Big Little 5K can save $15 on registration. Kids who are too little to run the 5K can race in the Kids’ Fun Run, a short dash about the length of a football field.


The Big Little 5K is a great place to make your race debut. A 5K is a good length for a beginning runner, with proper training to avoid injuries, stress and fatigue. The Mayo Clinic’s 7-Week 5K Training Schedule is tailored for beginners and can be adapted for a 5K walk.


If you’ve been running 5Ks and longer races for a few years, why not go for the gold? The Big Little 5K is chip-timed, and the first three finishers will receive prizes and prestige. Check out Running Planet‘s training plan for competitive distance runners; it will get you in peak condition for the big day.


What you eat affects your performance, as you train and during your race. When do you need carbohydrates for energy, or protein for strong muscles? This article from LiveStrong outlines a strategy for eating right as you train and on the day of your race.


Stretches are an important part of any runner’s routine. Both before and after your run, stretching helps you stay loose and avoid injuries. For tips, check out these 5 Key Stretches for Runners from Active.


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