Meet a Match: John and Brandon


John and Brandon call each other “brothers from another mother,” because, after being matched for four years, that’s how they feel. Brandon, age 15, has just one word to describe how he feels about the match: “Happy!”

Brandon and John met when Brandon was 11, and they hit it off right away. “We have a lot of similar interests,” says John. “I think that’s why [BBBS] put us together.” Brandon remembers looking up to his new Big Brother from the very start. “He’s just a really cool guy,” he says. The two have enjoyed playing basketball together, as well as attending Twins games and going on fishing trips.

Now that Brandon is getting older, some of their match activities are more serious. Brandon is looking for a summer job right now, and his Big has been a big help with essay questions on the applications. John says it’s been a pleasure to see Brandon move through the ‘tweenage’ years and become a young man.

Recently, John and Brandon took a day trip to St. Cloud State University, John’s alma mater. They caught a hockey game and also explored the campus where John was a student. For John, it was a chance to recall some favorite memories from his college days, and for Brandon, it was a chance to imagine his future after high school. They both had a blast!


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