Chicago/Madison College Tour


Last month, 10 Big Brothers Big Sisters youth – a mix of Littles and High School Bigs, sophomores and juniors – spent their spring break preparing for their futures on a four-day, three-city college tour!

They visited University of Wisconsin-Madison, Beloit College, and DePaul University, and got a taste of college life by touring campuses, eating in cafeterias, viewing the dorms and talking with faculty and students at each school.

“Visiting a college campus provides a stronger real-life experience than just reading about it online,” says Jenny Javitch, Director of Education and Enrichment at Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities. “It also gives students an opportunity to see what they are working towards while they are in high school.” The Education and Enrichment program also organizes several tours of local schools and businesses each year, helping students explore the many different options available to them after high school graduation.

On this college tour, the students learned about the programs offered at each school and experience campus life. They also learned about tuition, financial aid, acceptance rates and the cost of going to school out of state. As one student explained, “Living away from home would mean paying for more stuff myself, but I’d also get to be more independent.”

Some of the travelers came home having discovered their dream school and major, while others were convinced they needed to do more research and visit more schools before making a final decision. But everyone feels better informed about college, and more excited about their futures than ever!


The students made this video about their trip, as part of a presentation they gave to their parents and Bigs about what they learned on the college tour.


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