Big of the Year Spotlight: Trisha Falvey


Community-based Big Sister of the Year, Trisha Falvey, with her Little Sister, Lashaya

Every year we invite staff members, parents, teachers, children and fellow volunteers to nominate Bigs who have demonstrated extraordinary measures of dedication to their Littles and our agency’s mission. We honor one Big Sister and one Big Brother from both the School-based and Community-based Programs, as well as one High School volunteer, as Bigs of the Year. Over the last month, we have highlighted this year’s honorees and shared with you their stories—we hope you’ve enjoyed reading about them!

Today – last, but certainly not least – we honor our Community-based Program’s Big Sister of the Year, Trisha Falvey.

Big Sister Trisha and Little Sister Lashaya were first matched six years ago, when Lashaya was in third grade. Since that initial meeting, they have spent a lot of time together and enjoyed a myriad of activities.

Trisha has seen Lashaya mature over the course of their friendship, noting that her Little Sister has become both more outspoken and assertive—qualities she knows will benefit Lashaya in the future.

Although she is only a ninth grader, Lashaya has her future sights set on attending Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. “She has been working hard on her grades and wants to fulfill her dreams,” says Trisha, a feat she is confident Lashaya can accomplish.

Lashaya is thankful she was matched with Trisha for her Big Sister. “She is the greatest sister to have as a Big. She is a good role model for me and other Littles.”

Lashaya’s mother is also very appreciative of the impact Trisha has had on her daughter. She thinks they are a good match for one another, which is evident by how long they have been together.

That feeling goes both ways. When discussing their time together, Big Sister Trisha always stresses the impact that Lashaya has had on her.

“I have been more open to going new places and trying new experiences that I otherwise would have skipped,” she says. “And, among many other things, this experience has also taught me to keep a grateful, positive spirit.”

Trisha credits her six-year relationship with Lashaya for helping her gain a new perspective.

“My favorite part of being a Big is seeing the world through Lashaya’s eyes,” says Trisha. “It makes me think less about myself and my own worries. Getting to have fun while being enriched by—and enriching—a young person is a win-win.


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