Sweet Summertime


There is something nostalgic and savory about summertime. Excitement and anticipation are created through the beginning summer days, and sadness comes when it ends. All of the favorite activities we’ve enjoyed as children are relived during the warm, long summer days. Playing outdoors, camping, picnics, fishing, fairs and athletic activities are just some interests that many Minnesotans pursue. What’s even better than enjoying these activities solo? Introducing them to or sharing them with a child or friend.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities provides adult mentors the unique opportunity to introduce activities to their Littles. Camping trips, beach days, fishing tournaments, and trips to the fair are only a few activities that are available for Matches to participate in.

Reliving all the best parts of summer is only one of the great benefits of being a Big Brother or Big Sister. The best part is that you get to stimulate new interests and help create those summer days they will always look back on.

Joseph, a current Big Brother, recently familiarized his Little with the joys of camping. Check out his blog to read about their camping experience.


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