BIG Questions


We’re curious about your friendship with your Little, so we’ve created the BIG Questions category. Post a comment on this post to reveal your answers!

Getting together two to four times a month is sure to create fond memories between you and your Little Brother or Sister. So, we would love to know:

Do you have a favorite memory that you share with your Little? Share it with us.


2 thoughts on “BIG Questions

  1. Jeannine

    My Little Sister and I were sitting at her kitchen table. We had just met, so we were going through the book of ideas on things to do together that we received from our match support coordinator. We selected many of the same activities, but when she highlighted Rollerblading, I told her I don’t rollerblade very well. Her response was a very encouraging “You can learn.”
    She has no idea she inspired me to open my mind to trying sports again that I wasn’t very good at one time in my life.


  2. We have great discussions about life, where we are both going, and who we want to be when we grow up. If I can’t be open with him on a certain level, how can I expect him to be that way? It’s something I learned early on in our match.

    Peaceful Things.


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